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don't care how long it takes, i want to hear a safe and long lasting energy policy. >> reporter: the abe administration needs to define the legal role of the nuclear regulation authority created by the former government. the nra oversees nuclear safety but the full extent of its power and independence is unclear. >> translator: we'll check whether nuclear plants satisfy safety standards. but it's up to the utilities and the government to decide whether or not to restart facilities. >> reporter: prime minister abe's energy pledges currently lack detail. he says he'll decide within three years whether to restart reactors but he doesn't explain why he needs that much time. nor does he explain who will bear the cost of decommissioning nuclear plants if that happens. he also hasn't outlined a time frame and budget to expand the renewable energy market. >> translator: most important issue is to restore governance on nuclear safety. it is a chance for japan to rebuild trust. the new administration should swiftly present a clear direction. they need to quickly state the energy portfolio
raw fish to lucky first-timers at no cost. don't be fooled by its size. it's packed with the same full flavor as the original. >> mm-mm. >> translator: they love it. it definitely leaves an impression. >> i would like to take my mother and my friends to have them try the little ones, because sometimes people get scared with the big ones. >> reporter: they hope that one small bite will turn their shop into a big tourist attraction. the people at tsukiji market are adapting to the changing times and making their businesses more approachable in a variety of ways while still maintaining the traditional spirit of tsukiji. nhk world, tokyo. >>> under 10 degrees celsius weather continues in tokyo. robert speta is here with the forecast. robert. >> well, that's right, gene, it is very chilly across much of tokyo and much of japan today for that matter. we're seeing high pressure come in from the west but the good news is going into saturday and sunday it's going to start to warm up. the reason is this cloud cover down here towards the south. this is a low pressure area that's starting to push
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2